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Neurodebian tasks (and Debian Science)

Dear Yaroslav, and all,

I am currently looking on how we get the Debian Blends into the
installer for the next release. This is connected to Bug #758116 [1]

One of the points there is the inclusion of NeuroDebian, which does not
follow the usual Pure Blends scheme. Since you gave a "+100" in the bug,
I however suspect that there is some interest in having NeuroDebian
visible in the installer.

Looking into your repository content [2], the "by field" selection is
quite close to a number of Debian Science tasks:

 * Packages for Electrophysiology
    --> science-electrophysiology
 * Packages for Modeling of neural systems
    --> science-neuroscience-modelling
 * Packages for Neuroscience Datasets
    --> science-neuroscience-datasets
 * Packages for Psychophysics
    --> science-psychophysics

Some Fields in neurodebian seem not to have 1:1 tasks in debian-science:

 * Packages for Distributed Computing
    --> science-distributedcomputing (your selection is a bit smaller?)
 * Packages for Magnetic Reasonance Imaging
 * Packages for Neuroscience Education

The debian-science task "science-neuroscience-congnitive" has no
corresponding "field" in neurodebian, but seems to belong there.

The Debian-Science blend is quite filled with tasks: there are currently
47 tasks in it. Wouldn't it make sense to move out the specific tasks
(science-electrophysiology. science-neuroscience-modelling,
science-neuroscience-datasets, science-psychophysics, and
science-neuroscience-congnitive) into the "neurodebian" package (and
remove it from debian-science)?

We then would just need a metapackage that includes (recommends) all
neurodebian tasks that should be installed on a default NeuroDebian
blend. A "neurodebian-tasks" package would be useful as well so that
people could use tasksel to install additonal NeuroDebian tasks (or to
remove them if not needed).

Best regards


[1] https://bugs.debian.org/758116
[2] http://neuro.debian.net/pkgs.html

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