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Re: [Neurodebian-devel] Neurodebian tasks (and Debian Science)


advance sorry for a terse reply ... resource issues...

On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 10:12 AM, Ole Streicher <olebole@debian.org> wrote:
Dear Yaroslav, and all,

I am currently looking on how we get the Debian Blends into the
installer for the next release. This is connected to Bug #758116 [1]

One of the points there is the inclusion of NeuroDebian, which does not
follow the usual Pure Blends scheme. Since you gave a "+100" in the bug,
I however suspect that there is some interest in having NeuroDebian
visible in the installer.

Looking into your repository content [2], the "by field" selection is
quite close to a number of Debian Science tasks:

 * Packages for Electrophysiology
    --> science-electrophysiology
 * Packages for Modeling of neural systems
    --> science-neuroscience-modelling
 * Packages for Neuroscience Datasets
    --> science-neuroscience-datasets
 * Packages for Psychophysics
    --> science-psychophysics

Some Fields in neurodebian seem not to have 1:1 tasks in debian-science:

 * Packages for Distributed Computing
    --> science-distributedcomputing (your selection is a bit smaller?)
 * Packages for Magnetic Reasonance Imaging
 * Packages for Neuroscience Education

Any discrepancy should be in favor of the non-neurodebian tasks, everything else is an ommision/bug in our side.
The debian-science task "science-neuroscience-congnitive" has no
corresponding "field" in neurodebian, but seems to belong there.

Again, a core debian target is preferred, hence this is a non-issue from my PoV.
The Debian-Science blend is quite filled with tasks: there are currently
47 tasks in it. Wouldn't it make sense to move out the specific tasks
(science-electrophysiology. science-neuroscience-modelling,
science-neuroscience-datasets, science-psychophysics, and
science-neuroscience-congnitive) into the "neurodebian" package (and
remove it from debian-science)?

If somebody does that and it doesn't imply a future increase in perceived responsibility of "NeuroDebian" to maintain this former debian-science task -- I am all for it.
We then would just need a metapackage that includes (recommends) all
neurodebian tasks that should be installed on a default NeuroDebian
blend. A "neurodebian-tasks" package would be useful as well so that
people could use tasksel to install additonal NeuroDebian tasks (or to
remove them if not needed).

I am not convinced that the "install all at once" approach is an actual selling point for a real user (NeuroDebian users that is). But again, if the goal of splitting up debian-science is worthwhile enough for somebody to make it happen, please go ahead. I personally consider the task association as a "tag", no more. And I do mostly care about the second part of "science-neuroscience-cognitive" (neuroscience-cognitive), and much less about the prefix -- unless it is obscene ;-)

But again, if this leads to the collateral damage that people are less likely to touch the task file because of this change of the umbrella from science (general) to neurodebian (less general), this would be a cost that I'd hate to pay.




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