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Re: Debian Pure Blends on www.debian.org

Quoting Iain R. Learmonth (2016-01-25 16:05:34)
> On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 10:12:09AM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > > Our definition at our wiki page does not mention metapackages, and 
> > > I see no need for adding that requirement.  In fact the two blends 
> > > which I am most involved with do not include metapackages.
> If it is not possible to install the blend in a vanilla Debian stable 
> installation, it is not a released Pure Blend.

How about the opposite?  If it is possible to install the blend in a 
vanilla Debian stable installation, is it then a released Blend?

DebianParl exists as a Debian Blend, in the form of either...

  a) a Debian preseeding file
  b) a shell script to be executed as root

Either form is rendered by the tool Boxer.  The early implementation in 
Debian stable can compute above forms for an early DebianParl.

DebianParl as deployed in the European Parliament is a flavor which 
covers official EU languages, and pulls in non-free parts to enable the 
crappy wifi on the hardware used in that specific deployment.

locale requirements vary for pretty much any parliament in the World - 
and locale-specific task metapackages are too opinionated to be of use 
(e.g. cover iceweasel but not icedove).

 - Jonas

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