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Re: Debian Pure Blends on www.debian.org


On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 10:19:25AM +0100, Ole Streicher wrote:
> In my reading this page does not describe a requirement, but a
> status. And currently every released Pure Blend *has* metapackages,
> right?

Yes, only blends which can be installed in Debian stable are "released", in
line with the way that we describe everything else in Debian.

> "The released Pure Blends have metapackages in the 
> <a href="https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/>stable</a> release of
> Debian. Some Pure Blends also provide installation media or form the
> basis of a derivative distribution. See the individual Blends pages for
> more information."

I do like this.

> A naming question: are there any "non-pure" blends yet? I feel the
> current convention a bit confusing: The Terminology in the Wiki means:
> | "Blend" is a Debian-based distribution that is, or wants to become, a
> | Pure Blend ... 
> (not mentioning another meaning)
> The new web pages has:
> | Debian Pure Blends are also just called Blends when used clearly in
> | the Debian internal context which makes "Pure" and "Debian" obvious,
> | like on this page.

I hate this paragraph and it is planned to be replaced.

> I would propose to either consequently stick to "[Debian] Pure Blends",
> or to remove the non-pure definition from the Wiki and just to make the
> first paragraph of www.d.o/blends as "Debian Pure Blends (or Blends, for
> short) are a solution for special groups ...".

I think there are blends that are not Pure Blends, and we should list these
seperately on the Pure Blends page.



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