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Re: Blends html integration

Hi Ole,

On Sat, Nov 28, 2015 at 01:34:00PM +0100, Ole Streicher wrote:
> Yes, thanks. I prepared a template for Debian-Astro; however still
> without complete internationalization, and the integration is still a
> bit clumpsy.

No problem - I'd say that's no difference to the original code. ;-)
> > Considering that we are somehow in the middle of a migration to some new
> > code (now in Python 3) in the dir webtools_py3 it might not be very
> > sensible to undergo heavy changes with the old code.
> That's why I tried to make only minimal changes, even if they look a bit
> ugly.

Same here.
> > My personal schedule is to wait until the end of the year and finish
> > the task then myself if Akshita might confirm that she has not enough
> > time.  My plan is to finalise this at least at the Debian Med
> > sprint[1]. (BTW, feel free to join this sprint also if you consider
> > yourself not as a Debian Med member - any Blends developers are
> > welcome!)
> I am afraid that I don't can come for some family reasons. But let's
> see, and maybe ping me shortly before the sprint again :-)

Sure.  It was just a hint.
> I'd be in any case happy to help you there a bit. blendstasktools does
> not very pythonic and structured yet;

Fully agree and this code is nothing I'd be proud about.  It just has
grown historically and needs an overhaul.  I'd suggest to delay this
until the Python3+UDD version goes into production.  (Feel free to
cherry pick your changes and port it also to the new version to make
sure it will really persist there.

> and the web page templates could
> also get some more structure (commonly used html and page headers and
> footers for example could get extra templates).

Fully ACK.
> > Hmmmm, I can confirm that it is not in the prospective_packages table in
> > UDD but should.  The import log does not show anything suspicious.  I
> > guess I need to do some debugging.  If you do not hear from me over the
> > weekend please ping me again.
> It works now. I don't know whether you changed anything, but in the git
> there is nothing. Maybe UDD was on strike that day... :-)

It also worked on my local UDD clone.  I didn't changed anything - good
to know that this has settled.

Kind regards



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