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Blends html integration

Hi all (probably mainly Andreas),

apart from the discussion about the best individual tasks list, I have a
question about the integration of a main page: I'd like to get the
individual "teaser" apps onto the Debian-Astro main page as demonstrated
in the mockup. The description, web pages, screenshots etc. then would
come from UDD (resp. tasks.py). For this, the main page has probably be
to be integrated into webtools/templates, right? What would be the way
to do that? In principle, it should be procesed like the other tasks

Another question/problem: For some reason, the scraper fails to get the
short descriptions of python-astroml, and the short and long
descriptions of python-astroscrappy and python3-astroscrappy. However, I
don't see what is wrong with these. Could you have a look please?

Best regards


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