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Re: Blends html integration

Hi Ole,

On Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 08:23:43AM +0100, Ole Streicher wrote:
> apart from the discussion about the best individual tasks list, I have a
> question about the integration of a main page: I'd like to get the
> individual "teaser" apps onto the Debian-Astro main page as demonstrated
> in the mockup. The description, web pages, screenshots etc. then would
> come from UDD (resp. tasks.py). For this, the main page has probably be
> to be integrated into webtools/templates, right?

Sounds at least consistent with the current implementation.

> What would be the way
> to do that? In principle, it should be procesed like the other tasks
> pages.

Perhaps you might like to visit update-all-tasks which is a simple shell
script to call tasks.py with all available Blends defined in webconf.
If you intend to write a separate script (gen_index.py or whatever you
might want to call it) this kind of wrapper would be needed.
Alternatively you could add the relevant code to tasks.py - whatever
might sound more practical to you.  (I hope that this is the correct
answer to your question.)

Please note: This years GSoC had the topic of rewriting the tools to use
UDD exclusively (currently the tasks files are read at each run of
tasks.py which should be changed by taking over all information from the
tasks files into UDD and use it as exclusive data source).  This work
was not fully finished and while Akshita confirmed that she want to
continue with the work she is quite occupied with her studies and has
not done any relevant coding to finish this.

Considering that we are somehow in the middle of a migration to some new
code (now in Python 3) in the dir webtools_py3 it might not be very
sensible to undergo heavy changes with the old code.  My personal
schedule is to wait until the end of the year and finish the task then
myself if Akshita might confirm that she has not enough time.  My plan
is to finalise this at least at the Debian Med sprint[1]. (BTW, feel free
to join this sprint also if you consider yourself not as a Debian Med
member - any Blends developers are welcome!)

> Another question/problem: For some reason, the scraper fails to get the
> short descriptions of python-astroml, and the short and long
> descriptions of python-astroscrappy and python3-astroscrappy. However, I
> don't see what is wrong with these. Could you have a look please?

Hmmmm, I can confirm that it is not in the prospective_packages table in
UDD but should.  The import log does not show anything suspicious.  I
guess I need to do some debugging.  If you do not hear from me over the
weekend please ping me again.

Kind regards


[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Sprints/2016/DebianMed2016


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