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Re: Blends pages, tasks pages etc.

On Sun, Nov 15, 2015 at 02:12:35PM +0100, Ole Streicher wrote:
> * Can I just somehow integrate the task list into my own web page?

The task list is created from UDD.  If you specify how *exactly* you
want to include the list it should be easy to create a html snippet that
would help you.

> * Is it planned to get the individual tasks pages into the Debian/Blends
>   design? The current design is hmm, a bit ugly.

The current design is templated in



as genshi templates.  I'm not specifically proud on the design and it is
Free Software and you have commit permission.  So feel free to change
what you think should be changed.  Please note that a push to this git
will be automatically moved into production.
> Shouldn't we change somehow the fixed texts that are on the tasks pages?
> For example, it says:
> "The list to the right includes various software projects [...].
> Currently, only a few of them are available as Debian packages."
> This is even on pages where *all* packages are available as Debian
> packages.

Agreed.  Feel free to provide a patch to


> I roughly followed that there was Akshita Jha as a sommer student -- but
> his goal was mainly to integrate UDD and other data sources here, right?
> Is there any work ongoing or planned for the user interface?

Unfortunately the work is not fully finished yet.  We need to migrate
some extra information from tasks pages into UDD first.  Akshita now
became busy with her studies again and I personally will probably start
working on this at the end of the year if she confirms that she will not
be able to continue.  It is not much work left to do - but it somehow
needs to be done ...

The goal did not involved the user interface (you mean the web layout,
right?)  Since this is templated in genshi templates it can be perfectly
separated from the code and everybody is welcome to enhance this part.
Kind regards



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