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Re: [GSoC] Rewriting tasks.py to exclusively use UDD

On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 07:58:16PM +0530, Akshita Jha wrote:
> This query in turn uses the blends_query_packages function[1] from UDD. I
> had assumed that this query gets all the required information for all the
> dependencies in 'packages' and 'blends_prospectivepackages' table. But, it
> turns out that the query only gets information for dependencies that are in
> packages table. So, how do we proceed now ? Should we modify this query to
> include dependencies from blends_propspectivepackages also ? Or should we
> write a separate query for packages and blends_propspectivepackages ?

I totally rely on you decision here.  The result is important and I do
not mind how you would like to implement this.  I do not see any
relevant advantage in one of the implementation options - feel free to
choose what you consider more simple.
> The code following query 3 basically uses RowDictionaries function ( which
> returns a list of dictionaries which specify the values by their column
> names) and parses this dictionary to add information to the 'dep' object.
> This code will mostly be same for dependencies from packages,
> blends_propspectivepackages and new_packages table. Keeping in mind the DRY
> principle, what do you suggest will be the best design choice ?

As I said:  I'll leave the decision to you.  It would also be great to have
a look at the code. ;-)

Kind regards



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