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Re: [GSoC] Rewriting tasks.py to exclusively use UDD

Hi Akshita,

On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 03:20:43PM +0530, Akshita Jha wrote:
> >
> > When using ... dependency = 'd' you get the official_high packages.
> What is the relation between dep.pkgstatus and dep.dep_strength ?
> udd=# SELECT DISTINCT b.dependency FROM blends_dependencies b;
>  dependency
> ------------
>  a
>  i
>  d
>  r
>  s
> (5 rows)
> These are the dep_strength(s).
>  if dep.dep_strength == 'd' or dep.dep_strength == 'r';
>     pkgstat = 'official_high'
>  elif dep.dep_strength == 's':
>     pkgstat = 'official_low':
>  elif dep.dep_strength == 'i':
>     pkgstat = 'ignore'
>  elif dep.dep_strength == 'a':
>     pkgstat = 'avoid'

The definition of tasks file knows the dependency relations
Depends+Recommends (both will end up in "Recommends" for reasons we can
take as sufficiently discussed on mailing lists), Suggests, Ignore and
Avoid.  The role of the latter two is explainde in the Blends
documentation[1].  They are not relevant for the sentinel.
> But in the old_blendstasktools.py there are pkgstatus like 'new',
> 'unknown', 'experimental', 'wnpp' and non-free. Are these components ?
> udd=# SELECT DISTINCT component FROM packages;
>        component
> -----------------------
>  contrib
>  main
>  non-free
>  main/debian-installer
> (4 rows)
> Can you please clarify this ?

The latter are the offical components of Debian.  'experimental' is a
(pseudo) release (since it will never be released.  For releases see:

SELECT DISTINCT release FROM packages;

In addition we have package with the status 'new' which are all packages
you find in the table new_packages - new packages are not part of any
release but from the web sentinels point of view we regard this as a
"release-category".  Packages in new can have any component:

udd=# select distinct component from new_packages;
(3 Zeilen)

I think the pkgstatus 'wnpp' is used for packages that are not (yet!) in
UDD but read from the tasks diles directly and have an assigned WNPP bug
number.  We need to read these data into UDD.  Please ignore this for
the moment and keep on working with the data in UDD.

The pkgstatus='unknown' was choosen as initial value to know whether
some real status was found or not.  No package should end up with this
if we are ready.

Hope this helps


PS: Did you solved the problem to commit code to the Git repository?

[1] http://blends.debian.org/blends/


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