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Re: [GSoC] blends-gen-control hints (Was: blends-dev, gsoc 2013)

Hi Emmanouil,

On Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 01:04:33AM +0300, Emmanouil Kiagias wrote:
> I was idle the past 2-3 days due to some exams I had to take for my
> university.

I hope you were successfully passing te exams. ;-)
> > Yes.  I'd regard creating a needed directory the better solution than
> > just running into an error.
> >
> > I fixed that (you probably know from the commit log)
> These days I will document the new blends-dev (how thing work, new features
> etc).
> We are close to GSoC end (next week will be the last one I thing before the
> final evaluations). For the current state of the project is there anything
> else we have/need to do (apart from the documentation) ? Of course any
> ideas/developing of the blends tools will/can continue and after the end of
> the GSoC program.

I think we just need some more testing with real life cases:

I tried again debian-edu:

.../debian-edu $ make dist
if [ ! -f dependency_data/debian-edu_1.713~svn81933.json ]; then \
                echo "dependency_data/debian-edu_1.713~svn81933.json does not exist, can not generate changelog dependencies-changes entry"; \
                exit -1; \
if [ ! -f dependency_data/debian-edu_1.712.json ]; then \
                echo "dependency_data/debian-edu_1.712.json does not exist, can not generate changelog dependencies-changes entry"; \
                exit -1; \
dependency_data/debian-edu_1.712.json does not exist, can not generate changelog dependencies-changes entry
/bin/sh: 3: exit: Illegal number: -1
make[2]: *** [changelogentry] Fehler 2

Modulo I did something wrong (which could be fixed by the documentation
you intend to write) some polishing is needed.  There is also some room
for better error handling.

Apropos documentation:  We just have the Blends documentation inside the
blends-dev package.  What I told you previously is that I *really* see
your work as continuation of the current blends-dev package - so we
should keep the changelog and all the other stuff like the
documentation.  If I would write the documentation I would not have
choosen debiandoc sgml.  I'd be happy if somebody would convert this
into XML (I tried in the past but have given up at some point for no
other reason that there are more challenging tasks than fixing XML
syntax.  In any case your documentation should either be part or
integrate into this documentation.  This means you should choose a
format that could be pluged into these doc - or just write right into
the doc if this is accepted by GSoC.  I'd be glad if you could even do
the xml conversion if your time permits.  In any case please make sure
that you will not write some external doc which finally would leave
somebody else to integrate this into blends-doc.

Kind regards



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