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Re: Helping with debtags (was Re: Debian Games Blend)

On 18.05.2013 07:42, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:


>> I know that some of those debtags are created automatically like 
>> "implemented-in-language" or "ui-toolkit". Have you ever considered
>> to delegate the review process for the other ones back to the
>> package maintainers? I'm thinking about another PTS indicator right
>> beside the current debtags link which could signal that an update
>> for debtags is available.
> As far as I know, there are no tags that are created automatically.

http://wiki.debian.org/Debtags/FAQ states that new packages get tagged
automatically. Otherwise i could not imagine why there are so many valid
implemented-in or ui-toolkit tags.
If not i believe the system could/should guess tags by looking at file
extensions or dependencies.

> I agree that more active QA is needed, but am not quite sure how it 
> should be done.  I doubt more emails is a good idea.  Lintian checks 
> might help, though.

I have filed two bug reports and probably we should discuss things from
now on right there. #708774 has been closed thus i have forwarded it to
Enrico directly.



One idea is about to warn maintainers about missing debtags, the other
one is to allow them to confirm or request help for new debtags.



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