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Helping with debtags (was Re: Debian Games Blend)

On 16.05.2013 23:59, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

Hi Petter,

> Debtags can be used for a lot of things, but Enrico need help
> maintaining the system.  The review process is laboursome, and tagging
> is lagging behind.  I urge everyone to help tagging, and at least some
> of you to volunteer to help with the review process and system.  I
> already volunteered myself to help Enrico with the review.  I suspect
> more people are needed.

I know that some of those debtags are created automatically like
"implemented-in-language" or "ui-toolkit". Have you ever considered to
delegate the review process for the other ones back to the package
maintainers? I'm thinking about another PTS indicator right beside the
current debtags link which could signal that an update for debtags is

Somehow the maintainers need to authenticate and acknowledge those new
debtags. They could be notified by an e-mail and would then need to
reply to it for acknowledging the changes. It would probably save a lot
of time if not every change has to be reviewed by a dedicated volunteer.
IMO it would be better to concentrate on reviewing random samples and
define a certain treshold which would imply "quality assured".



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