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[GSoC-sentinel] Usage of PostgreSQL

[Answering a summary about postgresql usage on other public lists here]


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> From: Tomas Vondra <tv@fuzzy.cz>
> Date: 2 May 2013 03:20
> Subject: Re: [pgsql-students] [GSoC 2013] [Debian]
> To: pgsql-students@postgresql.org
> They're running on 9.2 AFAIK

Currently 9.1 is used.  However, it was just installed from backports
because some features were needed and I do not see a strong reason why
this "tradition" should be broken.
>   -- see http://wiki.debian.org/UltimateDebianDatabase/Hacking

It is mentioning 9.2 and I would regard this as a very good sign
(without having checked) that there are good reasons to assume that
9.2 is in preparation.

> I'm not sure about the 9.3 though. Maybe they'd be fine with
> implementing the features on 9.3 and deploy them once 9.3 gets out.
> We can't really answer this as we don't know enough details to decide if
> the 9.3 JSON support is sufficient, and the UDD people are the only ones
> who can decide if 9.3 is acceptable.
> So just like Christoph, I think you should talk to the UDD people about
> this first.

"The" UDD people are communicating on the mailing list
debian-qa@lists.debian.org and the subject is tagged [UDD] to separate
from other QA stuff.

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> From: Christoph Berg <myon@debian.org>
> Date: 29 April 2013 13:44
> Subject: Re: [pgsql-students] [GSoC 2013] [Debian]
> To: Aditya Bhardwaj <aditya2204@gmail.com>
> Cc: pgsql-students@postgresql.org, david@justatheory.com
>> And I need some clarification if PostgreSQL can be used for the purpose.
>> And any headers for the same if it can be used. AFAIK PostgreSQL 9.3 shall
>> arrive with a lot of JSON goodness.
> To be useful for Debian, it should probably run on PostgreSQL 9.1
> (shipped with Wheezy), or 9.2. I don't think the UDD people would want
> to rely on 9.3 features.

I agree that I'm quite positive that for our purpose (which is finally
not rocket science) 9.2 might be perfectly sufficient.  It should be
part of the GSoC task to find out whether 9.3 has really features which
would enhance / simplify our task drastically.

> That said, I'd think the JSON stuff would probably be constructed on
> the client side of the UDD database connection, i.e. you fire of
> standard SQL queries and render that as JSON for the web request.

This is always a fallback and I admit before I have read about
PostgreSQL 9.3 JSON features I was not even aware that previous version
would have such and I always expected that I need to do this at client
side which is cheap enough with Python.  So we could finally do without
any specific PostgreSQL feature by using Python JSON export features.

Kind regards



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