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Re: Bits of Debian Blends


On Mittwoch, 24. April 2013, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > > All sets of metapackages for Blends targeting at Wheezy arrived in
> > > testing:
> > >   debian-edu:     1.702
> Currently 1.702 *is* in testing and as far as I have understood release
> team they do not like any further unblocks.

drawing conclusions from something is sometimes difficult and might lead to 
wrong results: the fact there isnt an unblock request doesnt mean we think 
thats the most suitable version.

(and I do know about unblock requests and other working tools and procedures 
of the release team.)

> > But then, I also uploaded debian-edu 1.704 last night, which IMO would be
> > far better suited for wheezy... (it needs a few other updates too).
> So please make sure you will discuss this with release team *right now*.
> We do have *ten* days until the announced release - so even if testing
> would not be frozen the normal migration process from unstable to
> testing would be really dense.

the changes are not suitable according to their policy, so discussing is a 
bit, aeh, difficult. (been there, done that, though. ie for the squeeze 

but, way more importantly: the changes are not enough yet, so it doesnt really 
matter wheather 1.702 or 1.704 are in wheezy, we really want the (currently 
non-existing 1.705 or 1.706), so why bother with 1.704.

And thats why the above statement is somewhat wrong. (Which is fine, I do 
wrong statements all the time.) Glad that I understand the intention of your 
original mail.


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