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Re: Bits of Debian Blends

Hi Andreas,

On Mittwoch, 24. April 2013, Andreas Tille wrote:
> 6. Blends Metapackages in Wheezy
> --------------------------------
> All sets of metapackages for Blends targeting at Wheezy arrived in
> testing:
>   debian-edu:     1.702

what's the point of this statement?

I seriously wonder, it's quite likely that I don't get it. 

But then, I also uploaded debian-edu 1.704 last night, which IMO would be far 
better suited for wheezy... (it needs a few other updates too). So I guess my 
surprise is about you claiming on d-d-a (no less), that Debian Edu is ready 
for Wheezy (without asking on the debian-edu list, which you well know), while 
in reality its not. 
But then, I wonder, is that really what you wanted to do/express or am I maybe 
not getting the point of the above statement.


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