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Re: Bits of Debian Blends

Hi Holger,

On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 10:54:33AM +0200, Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Mittwoch, 24. April 2013, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > 6. Blends Metapackages in Wheezy
> > --------------------------------
> > 
> > All sets of metapackages for Blends targeting at Wheezy arrived in
> > testing:
> > 
> >   debian-edu:     1.702
> what's the point of this statement?
> I seriously wonder, it's quite likely that I don't get it. 

Currently 1.702 *is* in testing and as far as I have understood release
team they do not like any further unblocks.  When I asked for unblocking
debian-science 1.0 last week they claimed that this would be very late.

> But then, I also uploaded debian-edu 1.704 last night, which IMO would be far 
> better suited for wheezy... (it needs a few other updates too).

So please make sure you will discuss this with release team *right now*.
We do have *ten* days until the announced release - so even if testing
would not be frozen the normal migration process from unstable to
testing would be really dense.

> So I guess my 
> surprise is about you claiming on d-d-a (no less), that Debian Edu is ready 
> for Wheezy (without asking on the debian-edu list, which you well know), while 
> in reality its not. 

I admit I should have contacted debian-edu list rather than speculating
from the changelog which was not really giving any sign for a Debian
Wheezy release and the string "wheezy-test" in the changelog seemed from
my perception to target onto those "Wheezy based SkoleLinux" releases.
The fact that


does not show any unblock request (not even for 1.703) made me quite
sure that whatever you might do now release team will probably not
accept any further change and that I see no chance for anything but
1.702 in Wheezy.

> But then, I wonder, is that really what you wanted to do/express or am I maybe 
> not getting the point of the above statement.

My point was to announce what versions of metapackages will be in Wheezy
and as far as can see my statement is not wrong even if it is different
from what you would like to be in Wheezy.  I'd be really happy to send
a correction of my statement if I would be wrong.

Kind regards



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