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Re: metapackages

On 10/31/2010 10:42 AM, Andreas Tille wrote:
On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 09:25:38AM +0100, rosea.grammostola wrote:
I think this is the error which cause me the real problem, not ladspa-plugin

# copy with exception of VCS stuff
tar -cf - --exclude debian-openstudio-Version: 0.0.1 \
                   --exclude CVS --exclude .svn --exclude svn-commit.tmp
. | \
             (cd debian-openstudio-Version: 0.0.1; tar xfBp -)
rm -f `find debian-openstudio-Version: 0.0.1 -name "*~"`
GZIP=-9 tar -czf ../debian-openstudio_Version: 0.0.1.tar.gz
debian-openstudio-Version: 0.0.1
tar: 0.0.1.tar.gz: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
make[1]: *** [get-orig-source] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory
When checking out your recent git repository I realised a strange empty
dir named "debian-openstudio_Version:".  I have no idea how / why it was
created and I also have no idea why it should cause a failure.  However,
if I delete it everything works fine.

Could you give it a try.

I get that dir after 'make dist'

Removing that dir doesn't help me here..

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