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Re: Removing apt from debian installer

Hi Michal,

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 09:48:20AM +0100, Michal Filka wrote:
Hi all,

I develop custom debian installation for company needs.

Please beware that this list - debian-blends - is for discussions about "Pure Debian Blends" which is completely and purely Debian internalised environments, not customizations based on but deriving (even the slightest) away from Debian.

One of the requirements is to disable apt. It means:
- do not use apt during installation
- apt shouldn't be present on target installation (target modules are embedded modules with relatively small disk and without internet access)

If you are working with embedded devices, you may want to discuss smart approaches at the debian-embedded mailinglist.

I use simple-cdd 0.3.9.

Your use of simple-cdd indicates that you try to create your own custom Debian install routines, which is a derivation from Debian.

In the past, there was some confusion regarding simple-cdd (used to build custom Debian-based distributions) and the old name for "Pure Debian Blends", CDD (meaning "Custom Debian Distributions"). The slight but important difference is in "Debian" versus "Debian-based".

Questions regarding the use of the simple-cdd tool should probably be targeted either the author of that package through the mail address custom-cdd@packages.debian.org or the general list debian-user@lists.debian.org .

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,

  - Jonas

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