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Removing apt from debian installer

Hi all,

I develop custom debian installation for company needs.

One of the requirements is to disable apt. It means:
- do not use apt during installation
- apt shouldn't be present on target installation (target modules are embedded modules with relatively small disk and without internet access)

I use simple-cdd 0.3.9.
I've entered these lines in <profile>.preseed:
base-config apt-setup/another boolean false
apt-mirror-setup        apt-setup/use_mirror    boolean false
d-i     apt-setup/security-updates      boolean false
d-i     apt-setup/uri-type      select  cdrom

I have removed apt and related from <profile>.packages.

However, apt is still queried during installation and is present in final installation.

Is there any way how to disable the apt completely?

Thanks for a help.
Michal Filka

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