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RE: Removing apt from debian installer

> > One of the requirements is to disable apt. It means:
> > - do not use apt during installation
> Why?  What it the reason for that request?
... my mistake; to be more precise. Not to use apt for accessing internet repository (no internet access)
> Making your own installer script would be the first way.
> APT manages the package dependencies, that is essential when adding
> large numbers of packages.
... ok. I've set "d-I apt-setup/uri-type select cdrom", so the installer shouldn't access internet anymore (?).

However, I don't understand why apt get installed when I removed it from packages list (simple-cdd; profiles/<profile>.packages). 

No adding / removing of packages to installed system are planned. So, I would like to skip whole "Configuring apt" part of debian installer.
Michal Filka

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