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Re: Initial a new Debian Pure Blends

Andreas Tille wrote:
> I have created
>     svn://svn.debian.org/blends/projects/ezgo/trunk/debian-ezgo/
> and added you to the blends project to grant write permissions to
> this stuff.  The result of my work can be seen here:
>     http://blends.debian.net/ezgo/

Cool,this looks very nice.

> I turned the first four sections into tasks files and I'm pretty sure
> you can apply this scheme for the remaining ones.  Just have a look into
> the tasks directory.  I also added paragraphs for those packages which

Okay. I am working on them in the tasks directory. I just added a
education task file.

> are not (yet) in Debian.  (Unfortunately I have no idea what you mean
> with "exe" in "Networking" - please provide more infor in the tasks
> file.)

The exe is a web template tool, but not yet in Debian. BTW, how do I do
if the package is still in ITP stage?

>>     http://wiki.debian.org/EasyLXDE
> I started with the project above.  I'd suggest to work out this
> completely and then think about how to proceed.


>> Yes, Holger showed me more on Blends after Skolelinux gathering in Oslo.
>> I just simply created the list and also applied to register a
>> debian-ezgo project on alioth.
> Sounds reasonable.  We might need to adjust some URLs according to the
> project registration.

I am still wait for alioth admin to grant my project registration.

>>> [4] http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/tasks/bio
>> Does the Chinese page on the bottom really works? I don't see any change
>> after clicked on it. Please let me know if you need translator for that.
> Despite what I wrote before it seems that I have to check the DDTP importer.
> Something seems to be wrong.  I'll come back to this later.
> I'm pretty sure that this mail is a bit quick and contains to few info but
> my time is a bit limited.  Just use this as kickstart and do not hesitate
> to ask anything which remains unclear.

This info helps me a lot as I start to work on the SVN now.
Thanks for this kickstart. :)


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