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Initial a new Debian Pure Blends

(This was retitile from Re: BrDesktop as Debian Pure Blends)

Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> nice to hear from you!

Nice to see your reply so quickly.

> On Mon, Nov 02, 2009 at 04:45:58PM +0800, Andrew Lee wrote:
>> I have simply prepared a page to list all the packages and that users
>> expected to see on a specific menu structure for DebianEzGo and also
>> EasyLXDE.
>>     http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEzGo
>>     http://wiki.debian.org/EasyLXDE
> I'll have a look (hopefully today, but perhaps my building work
> makes me to tired in the evening).

I planed to stay in Germany for a week on the way back to Taiwan from
the Skolelinux gathering in Oslo to speed up my work to integrate EzGo
into Debian. I was thinking of visit you, but I heard you might be busy
as your new building work from Holger.

> IMHO this depends from the available DDTP translations.  I have seen
> *some* translated descriptions featuring Chineese characters.  But
> probably specific biological software is not a first tackling target for
> usual translators.  Sometimes I have problems to translate it into
> German myself.  So you should probably spend your time on high popcon
> packages first - perhaps in some packages Debian Edu is needing.

BTW, there are only a link for Chinese which is simplified Chinese. How
do we add support for Traditional Chinese chatacters?

As people in Taiwan and Hong Kong and also many age > 50 people in many
other countries in Asia are still using Traditional Chinese chatacters.
I think we should support this as protect this still exist culture.

The EzGo project also has a web-based tools for community to help on
translation. I'd added this to my TODO list as how to bridge the DDTP
translation with the EzGo translation tool.

Best regards,


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