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Re: New name: Call for opinions

On Mon, 22 Sep 2008, Holger Levsen wrote:

thats october 21-23.


IMHO a discussion that lasts longer than two monthes leads to nothing so

IMO a bad name is worse than nothing. :)

Yes.  So we should perhaps even replace the bad name we lived for 5 years
by nothing.  As I said several times: I'm probably the person who tried to
advertise the concept the most all over the world in talks, I have the
largest commitment in the paper about the concept and I always realised
that people just don't listen and stick to the impression the badly choosen
name gives them.
If you as a reader of this list thinks that is not true you are one of the
few for which thie statement above is not true.  But no, the other half of
the readers is here because they actually did not read the paper and are here
for discussing SimpleCDD - which is one famous misunderstanding of the name.

So I accept anything but CDD and I want a time limit for a decision because
otherwise nothing will be decided at all.

What voting method do you have in mind? Who can vote? Where will the vote be

Well, we have this condorcet voting mechanism in Debian - I see no reason
to derive from this.  IMHO this list + the lists of each existing project
seems apropriate.  IMHO readers of the list are interested voters (yes, there
is an option that you buy a gang of people who subscribe to the list and
promote your favourite name - but I guess this will not really happen).
Votting mails should be signed by a valid key.

Please understand me right: I would *really* like to avoid the effort of
voting but do you see any other chance to find a consensus.  We have a
certain burnout effect in this longish discussion (point one why I hate it)
and every time it flares up again some people throw new suggestions in (which
are not better or worse than the previous ones).

I have started three efforts to find a new name:

 1. http://wiki.debian.org/CDDNamingProposals
    --> gathered a lot of suggestions - but we do not have to INcrease
        the number, we have to DEcrease the number to 1
 2. Discussion with people involved with the projects at DebConf which
    leaded to DIS
    --> is not accepted here
 3. Discussion on mailing lists.
    --> same as 1.

I see an alternative way to find a decision: Try to pick three of the
suggestions which found at least five supporting mails.  Find the three
most active people here on this list and the project lists (As you know
I wrote the necessary stuff to find out the activists of mailing lists[1]).

These three people will meet in IRC and decide.

Btw, I always wonder why so many people have ideas about names but so
few are working on the definition what should be named.  Is it because
just throwing in a name is cheap while working on a good definition is
hard?  Even any artificial name or random surname is fine (if it says
nothing it is at least not missleading) if it is accompanied by a
concrete definition.  This whole thread shows some features of a
photographers contest where everybody throws in his favourite image
and hopes that this one will win.  Some of them are good others are
not so good - but we do not even have a means to select the best -
because there is no objective way to find a winner.  We somehow have
to find a clue to select one out of the acceptable suggestions and
go with this.

Finally I would like to say that in case we are not able to find a
decision here on this list I will not revert the changes in SVN to
the old name.  So if nobody has a real clue how to come to a decision
here I will stick to method two mentioned above (discussion with
involved people).  I guess some people will call this unfair.  But
I think there was a chance to have a positive influence on choosing
a name.

Kind regards


[1]  http://people.debian.org/~tille/talks/200808_lightning/liststats.pdf


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