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Re: New name: Call for opinions

Hi Andreas,

On Monday 22 September 2008 15:09, Andreas Tille wrote:
> I would like to have a talk at OSWC in Malaga (unfortunately it is not
> really sure whether I can attend - but I would like to meet that date
> anyway).

thats october 21-23.

> > The changes you did to cdd-doc, are they in lenny already?
> No.  Lenny was frozen before the new name even popped up.  

Ok, good :)

> IMHO a discussion that lasts longer than two monthes leads to nothing so

IMO a bad name is worse than nothing. :)

> I guess the time limit to create a poll until beginning of October and
> have two weeks to vote seems reasonably fit your "name change doesnt have
> to be done in a hurry".

What voting method do you have in mind? Who can vote? Where will the vote be 


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