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Re: New name: Call for opinions

On Mon, 22 Sep 2008, Holger Levsen wrote:

I know you already explained why, but I forget. Can you repeat, please?

I would like to have a talk at OSWC in Malaga (unfortunately it is not
really sure whether I can attend - but I would like to meet that date

The changes you did to cdd-doc, are they in lenny already?

No.  Lenny was frozen before the new name even popped up.  Changes are
only in SVN (and in the docs).  I volunteer to do another change if a
consensus can be reached _soon_.

Cause IMHO this
name change doesnt have to be done in a hurry to reach lenny (we wont make it
everywhere anyway), so let's rather aim to have all instances replaced for

Sure.  There was no upload of any renamed package.  The only reason why
there is a change in the SVN is that I had time and mood to work on the
docs on my way back.  If I was to quick this will be my personal problem.

IMHO a discussion that lasts longer than two monthes leads to nothing so
I guess the time limit to create a poll until beginning of October and
have two weeks to vote seems reasonably fit your "name change doesnt have
to be done in a hurry".

Kind regards



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