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Re: New name: Call for opinions

Steffen Moeller wrote:
Ben Armstrong wrote:

Will think on this some more.  Maybe a simple rearrangement of the
letters, so we can keep the meaning of each of these words but lose the
quirky pronunciation and bad association with the slang "dis"?  Thus,
IDS (Integrated Debian Solutions).

While thinking more ... does it need to be a 3 letter acronym? We could
call it something very different, like Debian Flower (it came to me since
it sounds similar (to a non-native speaker) to flavour and is something
nice growing) or an Adebtation (ouch). Maybe some completely new work would
do, like, say, "ligys" (hands fell on keyboard and produced that).

I've been following this (as lurker, debian-user only and scientist) and just this moment the same thought came to me.

  DebIS? DebianIS? DebISol?

Or is that too CamelCase for some? ;)

Of course if its too long then it might be shortened in common usage, making this point somewhat moot...


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