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cannot generate a simple cd


I need some help.
I've been reading simple-cdd and simple-cdd/howto in debian wiki, Also
all files at /usr/share/simple-cdd

And well, just making the simple cdd
 build-simple-cdd --extra-udeb-dist sid

It downloads everythign and creates
tmp/mirror/pool/main and all the directories, but when it starts to
generate the cd image

i get these error,

  Adding udeb/base includes/excludes
ERROR: Unable to read UDEB_EXCLUDE file
  Adding docs to CD1
  Extracting FAQ on CD1
  Adding installtools
ERROR: package installation-guide-i386 not found.
  Adding common docs on CD1
  Adding Release files
  Trying to add upgrade* directories
  (Optionally) making the image bootable for i386:
    Running tools/boot/lenny/boot-i386 1
Using ISOLINUX boot-disks image on CD1
mv: cannot stat `boot1/isolinux/isolinux.cfg.withgtk': No such file or
      FAILED: error 1
    Failed to start disc 1, error 256
make: *** [image-trees] Error 9
simple-cdd: extra files for simple-cdd
find: `/home/jlbelmonte/minuevocd/tmp//cd-build/lenny/CD1/pool': No such
file or directory
ERROR: missing required packages from profile default:  less
ERROR: missing required packages from profile default:  simple-cdd-profiles
WARNING: missing optional packages from profile default:  grub
popularity-contest localization-config console-tools usbutils acpi acpid
eject lvm2 mdadm cryptsetup reiserfsprogs jfsutils xfsprogs
type-handling debootstrap busybox

Thanks a lot.

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