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Re: New name: Call for opinions

Ben Armstrong wrote:
> On Tue, 19 Aug 2008 11:05:51 +0200
> Steffen Moeller <steffen_moeller@gmx.de> wrote:
>> I never understood
>> though why it was nut just called Special Interest Group (SIG), something that
>> everyone would grasp immediately.
> If we were trying to describe something that everyone grasped
> immediately, then using a term that everyone grasped immediately would
> be appropriate.  A SIG is a special interest group, but a DIS (CDD) is
> something more (see the proposal for details) which is why it needs a
> special name of its own.

Agreed. It is probably more like: we as a SIG produce a DIS or IDS.
3 letter abbreviations are never fully unerstood at a first read, though,
so maybe an immediate understanding is not overly important.

> Will think on this some more.  Maybe a simple rearrangement of the
> letters, so we can keep the meaning of each of these words but lose the
> quirky pronunciation and bad association with the slang "dis"?  Thus,
> IDS (Integrated Debian Solutions).

While thinking more ... does it need to be a 3 letter acronym? We could
call it something very different, like Debian Flower (it came to me since
it sounds similar (to a non-native speaker) to flavour and is something
nice growing) or an Adebtation (ouch). Maybe some completely new work would
do, like, say, "ligys" (hands fell on keyboard and produced that).

I recall that Linux once was special for having a logo that is a comic animal,
all those fancy geometric figures suggested were dissed. And we should diss
the common three letter abbreviations of, frankly speaking, a collection
of buzzwords.



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