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Re: New name: Call for opinions

[Keeping  only debian-custom in CC ...]

On Tue, 19 Aug 2008, Ben Armstrong wrote:

If we were trying to describe something that everyone grasped
immediately, then using a term that everyone grasped immediately would
be appropriate.  A SIG is a special interest group, but a DIS (CDD) is
something more (see the proposal for details) which is why it needs a
special name of its own.

Completela agree here.

Out of all of the proposed names, DIS does most accurately describe
to me what this thing is.  However, I do find the quirky pronunciation
DISh non-obvious (at least as a native speaker of English where the
letter "s" almost never makes a "sh" sound) and the association with
the slang meaning of "dis" inescapable.

Only native speakers seem to have this problem. ;-)

Will think on this some more.  Maybe a simple rearrangement of the
letters, so we can keep the meaning of each of these words but lose the
quirky pronunciation and bad association with the slang "dis"?  Thus,
IDS (Integrated Debian Solutions).

Well, actually this was my first idea which popped up in my mind and
if I would have been able to write it on something more reliebale than
the sand at Mar del Plata seaside I could prove this. ;-))
But at least three people I was querying about this term had a quite
strong opinion about the order of the terms and convinced me about
rearinging it to DIS.  One of the strongest (Bdale) is perfectly a
native speaker.  And honestly, I guess many three letter abreviations
will be covered by some meaning in a certain language.  Do you really
think that the target audience might be confused by the slang term?

Kind regards


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