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Re: Simple-CDD Etch extra packages not installed from CD

> The last thing I'm hung up on is getting "default auto" to load in
> isolinux.cfg.  I've tried this in profiles/default.conf:
> export KERNEL_PARAMS="auto"
> or
> but neither one of these work.  I still have to type auto at the boot
> prompt on the new CCD.

Ok, I found what I was doing wrong.  After looking at the isolinux.cfg
I noticed that the line in profiles/default.conf
did put 'auto' in all the entries in isolinux.cfg, but that is not
actually what the kernel parameter is looking for.

It is looking for: 'auto=true' and 'priority=critical' so I adjusted
the profiles/default.conf file and added the line:
KERNEL_PARAMS="$KERNEL_PARAMS auto=true priority=critical"

That did the trick.

Thanks for all your guidance and help, I really appreciate your
efforts.  Simple-CDD is a nice addition for debian users.

JR Richardson
Engineering for the Masses

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