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Re: Simple-CDD Etch extra packages not installed from CD

On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 6:18 PM, Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant@freegeek.org> wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 03, 2008 at 03:22:39PM -0500, JR Richardson wrote:
>> I've been testing simple-cdd and it is going well.  I'm using etch
>> with the udeb from sid.  I pretty much followed the howto from
>> http://wiki.debian.org/Simple-CDD/Howto
> admittedly, i haven't much tested simple-cdd 0.3.7 with etch- it was
> mostly focusing on getting it working with lenny... i don't think there
> should be major problems, but it hasn't been as well tested with etch as
> previous versions.
>> I create the profiles/default.packages with the extra package list.
>> The cd image builds with the extra packages on the iso image.  But
>> when I run the iso, only the base-packages get installed.
> could you post a link to the contents of profiles/default.packages?  the
> format is one package per line, lines beginning with # are comments.
> could you also post any other profiles files you've modified?
>> If I add the following to the profiles/default.preseed:
>> d-i     pkgsel/include  string  ntp libncurses5-dev bison libssl-dev
>> more-packages.....
>> the extra packages get downloaded and installed from the debian
>> mirror, not from the packages stored on the CD.
>> If I understand correctly, this behavior is not right.  The included
>> packages in the default.packages should be installed from the CD
>> within the debinstaller.
> yes, anything in profiles/default.packages should get installed, and be
> installed from the CD.
> try uncommenting the following lines in profiles/default.preseed, which
> were changed since the previous version and may still be used by etch:
>  #base-config apt-setup/uri_type  select cdrom
>  #base-config apt-setup/cd/another  boolean false
>  #base-config apt-setup/another boolean false
> another idea would be to use an unmodified default profile with a custom
> profile, such as:
>  profiles/myprofile.packages
>  profiles/myprofile.preseed
> and then build with that profile:
>  build-simple-cdd --profiles myprofile
> good luck and live well,
>  vagrant
OK, thanks for all the guidance.  I finally figured out what the main
issue was.  I did not have ALL the deb dependencies on the cd build.
So after building the CDD, during install 20 out of the 50 extra
packages were downloaded from the CD and the other 30 were downloaded
from the deb ftp mirror.

I went back and reviewed my procedure and found a passage on the
simple-cdd/how-to example.  It said to add extra packages to
profile/NAME.packages file and they will be installed during the CDD
build, also there was a note to only add the packages, simple-cdd
would take care of the dependencies and install them as well.  I
understood this to mean all packages and dependency packages would be
downloaded and available on the new CDD.  Apparently this is not the

What I ended up doing was building a conventional debian system,
install all the packages I wanted, do a 'dpkg -l > packages.txt' and
used that as the package list for profiles/default.packages file.
That did the trick.

The last thing I'm hung up on is getting "default auto" to load in
isolinux.cfg.  I've tried this in profiles/default.conf:
export KERNEL_PARAMS="auto"
but neither one of these work.  I still have to type auto at the boot
prompt on the new CCD.

Any way I can debug why this parameter is not being set in the new build?


JR Richardson
Engineering for the Masses

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