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Re: Simple-CDD Etch extra packages not installed from CD

On Sun, Aug 03, 2008 at 03:22:39PM -0500, JR Richardson wrote:
> I've been testing simple-cdd and it is going well.  I'm using etch
> with the udeb from sid.  I pretty much followed the howto from
> http://wiki.debian.org/Simple-CDD/Howto

admittedly, i haven't much tested simple-cdd 0.3.7 with etch- it was
mostly focusing on getting it working with lenny... i don't think there
should be major problems, but it hasn't been as well tested with etch as
previous versions.

> I create the profiles/default.packages with the extra package list.
> The cd image builds with the extra packages on the iso image.  But
> when I run the iso, only the base-packages get installed.

could you post a link to the contents of profiles/default.packages?  the
format is one package per line, lines beginning with # are comments.

could you also post any other profiles files you've modified?

> If I add the following to the profiles/default.preseed:
> d-i     pkgsel/include  string  ntp libncurses5-dev bison libssl-dev
> more-packages.....
> the extra packages get downloaded and installed from the debian
> mirror, not from the packages stored on the CD.
> If I understand correctly, this behavior is not right.  The included
> packages in the default.packages should be installed from the CD
> within the debinstaller.

yes, anything in profiles/default.packages should get installed, and be
installed from the CD.

try uncommenting the following lines in profiles/default.preseed, which
were changed since the previous version and may still be used by etch:

  #base-config apt-setup/uri_type  select cdrom
  #base-config apt-setup/cd/another  boolean false
  #base-config apt-setup/another boolean false

another idea would be to use an unmodified default profile with a custom
profile, such as:


and then build with that profile:

  build-simple-cdd --profiles myprofile

good luck and live well,

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