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Simple-CDD Etch extra packages not installed from CD

Hi All,

I've been testing simple-cdd and it is going well.  I'm using etch
with the udeb from sid.  I pretty much followed the howto from

I create the profiles/default.packages with the extra package list.
The cd image builds with the extra packages on the iso image.  But
when I run the iso, only the base-packages get installed.

If I add the following to the profiles/default.preseed:
d-i     pkgsel/include  string  ntp libncurses5-dev bison libssl-dev
the extra packages get downloaded and installed from the debian
mirror, not from the packages stored on the CD.

If I understand correctly, this behavior is not right.  The included
packages in the default.packages should be installed from the CD
within the debinstaller.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


JR Richardson
Engineering for the Masses

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