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Re: Custom Debian Distribution for creative artists and wannabes

On Fri, 17 Nov 2006 lloyd@paisite.com wrote:

I'm interested in creating a Custom Debian Distribution for creative
artists -- aspiring, amateur, and professional. I'd like some tools that
are easy enough for kids and impatient adults, say Tux Paint, and others
with enough headroom for professionals (Scribus, Blender, Lyx, Audacity).

Sounds nice.

But I've yet to find anything that gives me step-by-step recipe or sense
of how challenging the task might be.

Have you ever read


Section 7 describes "How to start a Custom Debian Distribution".  You
should definitely have a look at DeMuDi which just covers the audio part
of your project.  You might decide whether it is reasonable to include
DeMuDi work into your project or just to concentrate onto the visual
part and advise users to install your CDD and DeMuDi in parallel.  If
you understand a Custom Debian Distribution in the sense it is described
in the paper it is perfectly possible to have more than one CDD installed
on one computer (even if this is an often ignored fact inside this concept).

Anyone interested?
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
And if I take it on, anyone available to help me over the rough spots?

Just ask on the list debian-custom@lists.debian.org if something remains
unclear in the paper.  I'm keen on hearing suggestions for enhancement
of this text.  Moreover I would love if we could move this discussion
to this list because it just deals with those issues and debian-project
is just for general discussion.

Kind regards



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