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Re: Custom Debian Distribution for creative artists and wannabes

On Fri, 17 Nov 2006 lloyd@paisite.com wrote:

Yes, it inspired me. But I need to study it more carefully to understand
what I don't understand.

I would be happy to enhance the document to make it better understandable.
Feel free to ask if something remains unclear (prefered via this list).

I did look at the archives for that list and noticed that the last few
months seem to have been coopted by porn/quick-cure quack spam, so I
wasn't sure that it was active any longer.

This list is not a high volume list but IMHO far from dead.

Is there any way of cleaning
out that junk?

This is a problem of all Debian mailing lists but even if there
are spam filters applied Debian is an exclusive target for spammers
and there is less chance to stop this completely.

Took a look at your site, but my German's not quite up to it. But I did
very much enjoy your photography.

Thanks.  BTW, feel free to ask for images you like very much.  I'll
upload these in high resolution to WikiMedia and I'm currently working
on a skript that enables downloading and scaling thise images for
use as background images.

Kind regards



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