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Re: Diskless CDDs: ltsp and lessdisks

[Matt Zimmerman]
> You should use make-archive -l to create mirrors which will be
> accessed via HTTP.

I am quite sure I did when I created the mirror.  I used the howto
from <URL:http://bazaar.canonical.com/doc/MirroringArchives.html>.

I tried to do this, but the last step failed.

% ssh developer.skolelinux.no
% cd public_html/baz-archive/pere\@hungry.com--2005/
% echo yeah > =meta-info/http-blows
% logout
Connection to developer.skolelinux.no closed.
% baz archive-fixup pere@hungry.com--2005-MIRROR
usage: baz archive-fixup [options]
try archive-fixup --help

I'm using baz version 1.1.1 from sarge.

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