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Re: getting next-generation LTSP into Debian/main

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> writes:

> [Vagrant Cascadian]
>> pointers on good baz documentation would be useful. i'm mainly used
>> to cvs and svn.  i haven't yet found baz documentation that clicks-
>> it feels like a steep learning curve for someone used to centralized
>> revision control systems.
> I would really appreaciate some good baz intro as well.  I've been
> able to check out the code and do 'baz diff', but have not found out
> how to commit my changes into anything, nor how to make the changes I
> do available for others.


Basically you need to do:

 - Create one archive for you. Using baz make-archive.

   For example, I did:

    $: baz make-archive otavio@debian.org--2005 ~/arch

 - Branch the code you want to change, for example, to work on APT I

    $: baz branch apt@packages.debian.org/apt--main--0 otavio@debian.org--2005/apt--fixes--0

   if  you set your archive as default you can remove it from the last
   parameter and only leave the branch name.

 - Checkout and work as normally.

 - To mirror it outside, you can check the following page:


Well, this is a brief description how to use it, any problem, fell
free to talk with me at IRC.

See you all.

        O T A V I O    S A L V A D O R
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