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Re: Signing "Release.gpg" (was Re: Bandwidth Manager CDD)

>>         gpg --sign -ba --default-key support@xorcom.com -o $@ $^ 
> Thanks, but may I know how to be in the "/etc/apt/trust*.gpg"
> of the target (new installed) system?

I just found something, but have not tried it
[...] This is the trickiest part, as everything is GPG signed, and
your GPG key isn't installed by default. So, to change any of the
data on the CD (ie to add your own packages or to remove packages
from main), you need to:
* create your own GPG key
* (optional) import the ubuntu-archive keyring
* export your keyring
* replace the ubuntu-archive keyring with yours
* recompile the ubuntu-keyring package
* put it on the CD

PS: s/ubuntu/debian/

Thus, the KEY point is to RECOMPILE the the keyring package.
How on earth would a clueless fellow (like myself) knew that?

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