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Bandwidth Manager CDD

Hi list :)

I'm currently respinning Debian as a CDD, called Bandwidth Manager


It's aim is to have a base set of components and features used for
bandwidth management.

These are;

* Layer 7 Protocol Filtering
* IPTables patches
* ebtables bridging
* Caching/Proxying/Filtering of HTTP/FTP traffic 
* Second tier POP/SMTP scanning (only for virii really, but there may be
scope to include spam at some stage)
* Reporting and acounting functions

The initial build will be these components, with the emphasis on the
repackaging of the kernel and iptables. 

Subsequent builds will include a daemon I have been writing to control
the relevant configuration files and also a web interface. I'm trying to
write the service to be 'pluggable' by making it extensible by using
some form of API (however, that is for the future)

I hope that gives you a general overview. Feel free to pop along to the
website and sign up if you feel as though you could help with this


Joel Merrick

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