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Re: About the Skolelinux Live Teaser CD "SkoleLive"

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Am Freitag, 22. April 2005 09:37 schrieb Sergio Talens-Oliag:
> El Fri, Apr 22, 2005 at 08:18:37AM +0200, Andreas Tille va escriure:
> > On Fri, 22 Apr 2005, Fabian Franz wrote:
> > >...
> >
> > Well done.
> >
> > >PS: It would be possible to replace the first stage of the CD also with
> > >debian-installer (just add cloop and unionfs udebs), but I have not
> > > looked into it - as Knoppix is what I know best.
> >
> > This latest step would be really interesting.
>   Well, in fact that is what the Ubuntu LiveCD does, and is my preferred
>   aproach for the future, simply because it will support more architectures
>   and reduces efforts (if d-i works, the LiveCD will also work).

Yes, I agree. Though you loose some possibilities from Knoppix like "toram", 
which you need to "port" to achieve feature completeness. You gain others 

>   I hope we will talk about it on the DevCamp 

I won't be there, but you should talk with others about it ...

> and if nobody does it before
> I will try this approach after the DevCamp, it would be great for users and
> to test upgrades, in fact it can be used also for installed systems... ;)

Yes, just do the apt-get dist-upgrade and if you fuck it up, start 
over ;-) ...

> > [...] thusit would
> > be the best idea to just have a list of packages which should be
> > installed into a chroot environment and proceed like you described.
>   I've always done LiveCDs on a chroot, sometimes using a separate
> partition for convienience, but you can do it for sure (in fact, I use
> debootstrap and install unatended using preseeding; if I don't remember
> wrong I'm almost sure that you can install Skolelinux that without changes,
> simply installing the debian-edu-install package).

Yes, this might be possible, though Petter had some doubts about running the 
processes inside the chroot.


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