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Re: About the Skolelinux Live Teaser CD "SkoleLive"

On Fri, 22 Apr 2005, Fabian Franz wrote:

Well done.

PS: It would be possible to replace the first stage of the CD also with
debian-installer (just add cloop and unionfs udebs), but I have not looked
into it - as Knoppix is what I know best.
This latest step would be really interesting.

Moreover I wonder if it would be possible to build the future Live-CD in a
chroot environment instead from the running system.  The reason why I'm asking
is that normally ma system is bigger than it would fit on a CD and thusit would
be the best idea to just have a list of packages which should be installed
into a chroot environment and proceed like you described.

One more question:  I guess with unionfs it is also possible to run databases
on live CDs easily.  I remember that the GnuMed people had certain trouble to
work with their PostgreSQL database on a live CD.

Kind regards



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