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Re: About the Skolelinux Live Teaser CD "SkoleLive"

El Fri, Apr 22, 2005 at 08:18:37AM +0200, Andreas Tille va escriure:
> On Fri, 22 Apr 2005, Fabian Franz wrote:
> >...
> Well done.
> >PS: It would be possible to replace the first stage of the CD also with
> >debian-installer (just add cloop and unionfs udebs), but I have not looked
> >into it - as Knoppix is what I know best.
> This latest step would be really interesting.

  Well, in fact that is what the Ubuntu LiveCD does, and is my preferred
  aproach for the future, simply because it will support more architectures
  and reduces efforts (if d-i works, the LiveCD will also work). 
  I hope we will talk about it on the DevCamp and if nobody does it before I
  will try this approach after the DevCamp, it would be great for users and
  to test upgrades, in fact it can be used also for installed systems... ;)

> Moreover I wonder if it would be possible to build the future Live-CD in a
> chroot environment instead from the running system.  The reason why I'm 
> asking
> is that normally ma system is bigger than it would fit on a CD and thusit 
> would
> be the best idea to just have a list of packages which should be installed
> into a chroot environment and proceed like you described.

  I've always done LiveCDs on a chroot, sometimes using a separate partition
  for convienience, but you can do it for sure (in fact, I use debootstrap and
  install unatended using preseeding; if I don't remember wrong I'm almost
  sure that you can install Skolelinux that without changes, simply installing
  the debian-edu-install package).

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