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Re: About the Skolelinux Live Teaser CD "SkoleLive"

On Fri, Apr 22, 2005 at 01:23:00AM +0200, Fabian Franz wrote:
> Hi,
> those who were on the Debian / Skolelinux Developers Meeting in Greece will 
> already know about it. While there I made a Skolelinux (Sarge) LiveCD.
> What is special about this LiveCD is that it is not a LiveCD like Knoppix, but 
> a real "tjener"/sarge CD, which has just the bootup stage a little bit common 
> with Knoppix. 

  [ UnionFS ]

> The LiveCD made during the workshop can be  found at:
> http://debian.tu-bs.de/knoppix/skolelive/
> If you do not want to download 625 MB, you can also find a much smaller base 
> "sarge".
> There is also a template plus some scrips available to build it yourself:
> http://debian.tu-bs.de/knoppix/skolelive-template/
> LiveCD making / updating has never been so easy.
> To make anew CD from tjener / sarge follow the following steps:
 [ update instructions ]

  [ qemu for testing ]

> If there are anymore questions, you can of course reach me per mail or over 
> one of this mailing lists.

What would a good place in the debian-edu  subversion tree
to document this?
Or in one of the various CDD upstream sources.

> cu
> Fabian
> PS: It would be possible to replace the first stage of the CD also with 
> debian-installer (just add cloop and unionfs udebs), but I have not looked 
> into it - as Knoppix is what I know best.


Geert Stappers

Only on -edu, not on debian-custom@lists.debian.org

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