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Re: Some comments about the paper

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, Miguel A. [ISO-8859-1] Arévalo wrote:

	Well, I think that if we have it on the wiki, as a starting point, but
this will give a great visibility to the project.
I can assure you for myself that I would definitely do not do anything
like editing a Wiki after having filed a bug report.

	Well, but there should be a way to know the status of the project, it
can be on the g-forge infrasture or something like that.
I have a clear opinion about this: I expect any bug to be solved (or explained why it is not solved and get marked "wontfix") and
I will not spend extra time to keep additional track of some special
bugs.  But I will not stop anybody who is willing to do the work.

Kind regards


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