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Re: Some comments about the paper

El mar, 28-09-2004 a las 20:38 +0200, Andreas Tille escribió:
> On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, Miguel A. [ISO-8859-1] Arévalo wrote:
> Well, what if one user is member of two CDDs.  I think just building
> a user menu after a run of apt-get (not after each package installation)
> is acceptable because it runs in background and no real problem.  This
> works with current tools and *every* "menu-displaying app".  Else you
> would have to change *every* window-manager etc.  We are really
> happy that most of them work with current debian menu system.
> But there is also fvwm, GnuStep, ... (I guess we have about 50 menu
> displaing applications).
> I'm no guru, but I guess we have a quite good solution if not focussed
> only on Gnome + KDE.

	Of course I was talking about the "perfect" solution, having a working
solution is better than having no solution. ;-)
> > 	This paragraph can be completely left out of the document. and
> > the /etc/group referal changed to the apropiate libc function call (I
> > hope you are not parsing /etc/group, I'm migrating to nss_ldap at this
> > moment ;-)
> Does the code-snippet
>        for user in `getent group ${ROLE} ...`
> answer your question?
	Yep, right.

> > 	And the point of having a new freeze dist.
> This is not really new because we had this before we had package pools,
> but it was dropped in favour of packages pools and now testing becomes
> freeze for the time of freeze (while there is no testing at this time).
> I do not really see the gain here (and as I said - just discuss this
> with people on debian-devel).
	Anyway this point is out of the scope of this list.

> Uhm, you do not need to be brave here.  There are as kind people as
> you might find here.  The sheer number of people is larger and you might
> tap on someones shoes - but there is no need to hide ideas.
	Probably I'm just lazy.

> > 	Well, I think that if we have it on the wiki, as a starting point, but
> > this will give a great visibility to the project.
> I can assure you for myself that I would definitely do not do anything
> like editing a Wiki after having filed a bug report.
	Well, but there should be a way to know the status of the project, it
can be on the g-forge infrasture or something like that.


	Miguel A. Arévalo

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