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Re: Some comments about the paper

El mar, 28-09-2004 a las 15:06 +0200, Free Ekanayaka escribió:
> |--==> "MA" == Miguel A <Arévalo <marevalo@marevalo.net>> writes:

>   MA> at T0 + 1 year:
>   MA> 	freeze := stable
> Perheps you mean free := testing ?

	Yep, sorry.
>   MA> Time based release cicle is good (this is of course my opinion) but
>   MA> don't flame me on these, the scheme can be perfectly T0 + desired
>   MA> features ready.
> Time  based  is good   for me  too,  because  with feature  based  you
> typically  miss releasing because  of new  feature requests. BTW GNOME
> has time based releasis (at least AFAIR): they decide a date and who's
> in is in and who's out is out.
	Yep, I think this could be very good for Debian, so at the moment
testing becomes freeze if something is not ready, then it will be left
for the next iteration (but remains in testing).


Miguel A. Arévalo

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