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Some comments about the paper

Hi all, I'm interested on CDD, I have read the Paper and will like to
give some feedback.

6.3 User roles

This point is interesting probably for most CDDs but I don't see why it
should be part of the CDD particular infraestructure. Almost every site-
wide Debian installation will need it so it must be part of Debian as a
whole (or GNOME/KDE/debian-menus systems in particular). It's just the
same as the GNOMElock/KDEkiosk facilities.

Of course it should be able for the CDDs to interact with these
facilities but I think these are not "central parts", or at least not be
on par with things like Metapackages, preseed, alternatives and so on.

Anyway there is an error:

> Strictly speaking it is not the best solution to conflate
> a figuration mechanism, which users see with menus, with
> access control, i.e. unix groups

Unix group are not access control oriented, they are an information or
name service (as in Network Information Service or Name Service Switch).
Access control services in Unix are a client of these Information/Name
services. So Unix Groups are, of course, the tool to use for User Roles.

And so those other levels (Novice, etc.) should also be implemented as
Unix Groups.

8.6 New way to distribute Debian

Here is my own proposal for these, I think every Debian developer/user
has his very own one:

* During "normal" debian developer cycle (from T0 to T0 + 1 year):

DD -> unstable -> testing
QA -> security -> stable

at T0 + 1 year:
	freeze := stable

* During "freeze" ( from T0 + 1 year to T0 + 1.5 year ):

     DD -> unstable -> testing
DD + QA -> freeze -> stable

at T0 + 1.5 years = T1:
	stable := freeze
	old-stable := stable (security for 6 months, already done by QA)

* Why?

Time based release cicle is good (this is of course my opinion) but
don't flame me on these, the scheme can be perfectly T0 + desired
features ready.

Testing should be used by most Debian "advanced users"

Testing should get updated while freeze (this is one of the reasons for
people not using testing, with these scheme GNOME 2.8 will already be
part of testing at these very moment).

CDD should be part of Debian's main clicle (inside testing and stable)
so people don't get confused by CDD versions vs. Debian versions and so

6.5 [Proposed] List of requested configurable options

I think this could be a list of posibly configurable options on debian
packages, the CDDs that requested it, the bug id and the status.

What do you think ?

?.? [Weird proposal] Sample Custom Debian Distribution

The "hello world" of Custom Debian Distributions, a neutral, simple but
complete Debian testing derivative with sample packages, logos,
configurations etc.


And a question, are the Desktop and Enterprise Debian subprojects/CDD
alive or staled ?


Miguel A. Arévalo

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