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Re: Ubuntu and CDDs

Am Monday 27 September 2004 17:53 schrieb Benj. Mako Hill:

> > cfengine scripts which can be run by the local
> > admin but the question of upgrades is not solved here
> Right. If it makes it easier, I'm happy to assume  [simplifications]

> > no real difference to normal Debian packages
> > because we discussed that the upgradeability is not always given
> > anyway (i.e.  discover1 -> discover2 changed config file format)

This is only one significant thing that I hope can be solved with the work 
starting on the layered "dcontrol" configuration handling system considering 
to use Config4GNU[1] concepts under the hood (frontends).

Hopfully not too many simplifying assumptions will be needed in order to come 
up and identify a nice solution.

In this realm of things there seem to be a couple of ideas involved that would 
need to be covered:

 Shared foundation for Config Tools/Frontends
 Config File Upgrades
 Preconfigureing Packages 
 Debconf vs. dcontrol/CFG relationship

(See also on [1])



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