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Re: Any project prepared to submit packaging stuff to SVN before Florence conference

On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, Otavio Salvador wrote:

I really like to see cdd-dev using a new approch more like
kernel-wedge does.
Could you be a little bit more verbose?  I really do not
understand the relation to kernel-wedge and our problem - probably
because the only knowledge about kernel-wedge I have is an
        apt-cache show kernel-wedge
I did just now for the first time ...

It process a template source and build a source
package to be used to build the package.
Hmmm, I see reall no big difference to cdd-dev, but I'll think about it.

This have some advantages like the not need of cdd-dev to build the
package and more simple code to build all things since this will build
a new source package.
Sounds reasonable even if I do not really understand how to do this.
The main idea behind cdd-dev was generalizing the way how Debian-Edu
packages are builded.

IMHO, cdd-dev should support:

- debtags
Yes, but how?

- meta-packages
- tasksel
Well, I definitely think that tasksel should be enhanced in several ways
but I do not have an idea how we can help her using cdd-dev.

Kind regards


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